Biohacking Products


Educational Webinars on Lab and Genetic Testing

Learn how to take your health beyond your DNA. 

Identify and avoid genetic landmines.  

Learn critical and invaluable information & don’t get overwhelmed. 

Focus on simple & actionable steps that can make a big difference in your health. 

Learn what your doctor probably won’t tell you, but you should know.

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BodyBio Products

Cellular, Gut and Overall Health Products

Your body is made up of 70 trillion cells. It’s their job to protect you, heal you, keep you healthy. BodyBio supplements improve the health of each and every one. Healthy cells, healthy body. This is more than our mantra. It’s science. Discover wellness on cellular level today. 

Julie’s Favorite BodyBio Products


Optimize your brain and body. BodyBio PC combines 4 forms of pure liposomal phospholipids for maximum absorption to support every cell.*


BodyBio Butyrate is a powerful byproduct that fuels your gut. It is critical for digestive and metabolic health and creates a happy home for good bacteria to grow.*


Healthy cells are vital to our health. Optimize and protect each and every one with Balance Oil. A blend of essential fatty acids that are the building blocks for cellular health.*

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Camel Culture - The Desert Superfood

Camel Culture Milk Products

Camel milk is an ancient health food secret! Nomadic peoples have been sustained by camel milk for over 5,000 years.

This desert superfood is packed with nutrients that Western cultures are only starting to understand. Camel Culture’s mission is to bring this health food secret to every home in the USA.

Camel Milk is

• Non-Allergenic – low in lactose and casein

• Low in saturated fats

• 10x more iron and 3x more vitamin C than cows milk

• Higher than cows milk in calcium, vitamin A, B, D, E, rare proteins, & antioxidants

• Low in cholesterol

• High in unsaturated fatty acids

• Easy to digest and great for gut health

• Gluten-free

• No added sugar

• No hormones, antibiotics, additives, or preservatives

• Natural probiotic

• Nutritionally more similar to human mother’s milk than any other dairy milk!

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Complete At Home Thyroid Test Kit and Thyroid Products

The Complete Thyroid Blood Test Kit

Paloma thyroid blood tests are easy to use and pain-free. Mail your sample to our CLIA/CAP accredited lab. Shipping is on us both ways.
When the results are ready, you can schedule an in-depth video call with a board-certified thyroid physician who only treats hypothyroidism.
If prescribed, your thyroid medication will be available at your local pharmacy. Paloma doctors consider all medication options, including T4, T3, NDT, and LDN.
Paloma works with major insurance plans, HSA and FSA to keep your costs down and quality of care high.

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Become Your own Health Detective, Your Lab Work on Your Terms

Order Lab Testing at your Fingertips

Testing your blood gives you insight into the most important laboratory – your own body. Get baseline screening blood tests or decide to take a deeper dive by ordering from Lab Works menu of advanced biomarkers.

Choose from Lab Works popular test packages including sex and energy, nutrients & omega 3’s, and our weight loss and optimal metabolism modules. 

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Biohacking Device

The First Device to Hack your Metabolism

Enhance fat burn, lose weight and boost energy naturally. Lumen is the world’s first hand held portable devise to accurately measure metabolism. Once available only to top athletes, in hospitals and clinics, metabolic testing is NOW available to Everyone.  

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Biohacking Products

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