We have a team of experts that look at the trifecta factors of healing (Mind, Body and Soul). The FNS Self Healing Program consists of 7 steps (Learn Your Temperament, Get into the Awareness State, Awaken Your SubConscious and Conscious Mind, Reprogram Your Learned Beliefs, Recondition Mental and Physical Behaviors, and BIOHACKING 101.

Interested in Learning More About Temperament?

Temperament is fascinating and has a massive impact on how we react to our worlds. I teach temperament training for personal and professional goal attainment. Temperament is an instinctive or genetically acquired behavior response. Many often confuse it with personality but temperament is predictable and never changing. You were born with your temperament and it is your natural response to your environment, people, task management and relationships. If you are interested in learning more about your temperament, please send me a contact request with specifics on temperament training and educational services.

Why Learn to Biohack your way to health?

The future of medicine is PREDICT and PREVENT. We are currently operating on a mindset in the medical world of TREAT and MITIGATE, which is making people more and more sick. I want to be proactive with my health. I don’t want to wait and see if I will one day develop Alzheimers. I want to learn my genetics and do what is needed to support, be proactive with my health and work on staving off potential deadly health outcomes. I teach clients how to hack their DNA, learn health risks, improve their gut health and work on areas within their bodies that need additional attention and support. Biohacking is about being proactive.

Needing just Little Help to get started or some Self Healing Mentoring?

Sometimes all we need is just a little encouragement and some minor guidance to get us started in the right direction. Self healing is breaking co-dependency on others to heal us. I want to be a teacher or mentor to you but I will not fix or heal you. This is why the self healing program was created because it gives you very simple easy to follow guidance on how to heal yourself. However, for some we start off with blocks and feel lost. That’s ok. I am here to help get you started. . I want to break co-dependency behavior patterns as self healing is about connecting to you and learning what you need. However, We all are different and have different needs for healing. If you would like to get a couple coaching sessions under your belt to give yourself the confidence that you are on the right track, please contact me through our contact tab to request a coaching session. All coaching sessions are priced according to time needed with me. I offer 10 minute quick chats, 30 minute regroup sessions, 1 hour in depth coaching session, 1 hour technique teaching and 2 hour reprogramming sessions. Shoot me a contact form with more information on what type of session you would need. 

Wanna host a Self Healing Workshop with Me?

My program is unique and heavily sought after in the self healing world. Therefore, my availability has become more limited. However, I want to teach as many people the self healing tools and techniques in order to help as many people as I can. This is why I love workshops. To be able to connect to those who felt lost, discarded and not fitting the standard or the norms of healing. Trauma impacts people differently and how to heal from it requires a deeper understanding of how your brain processed, stored and compartmentalized trauma. I teach people who have tried many different standard forms of trauma healing and have been unsuccessful. I found through my own experience that how we heal is so uniquely determined by our brain’s processing. Workshops are so great to help so many people that are seeking healing and have not quite connected to how their brain needs to heal. If you would like to host a self healing workshop, please contact me through our contact tab within this website. Let’s work together and heal as many people as we possibly can!