FNS self healing podcast EPS 4 - PTSD And The Conditioned Stress Response


Visual Tool – PDF Download
(Re) Framing Emotion(S) Technique

In this episode, you will learn about the many forms of PTSD (Simple, Complex, Comorbid, and Dissociative) and how a conditioned stress response can be problematic in anxiety and depression.

EPISODE VISUAL TOOL DOWNLOAD: The (Re) Framing Emotion(s) Technique teaches you to all your emotion(s) to manifest versus suppression or storing. When you learn to frame the emotion you are feeling, you will have the opportunity to see how it’s manifesting in the subconscious part of the mind. Often times, when we give the emotion space to manifest, you will then be able to see what belief(s) are attached to that emotion. This will allow you to create a self soothing behavior that addresses that limiting emotion.

VIP SELF HEALING MEMBERSHIP PERKS: VIDEO/AUDIO TOOL DOWNlOAD This video will teach you 3 Amazing techniques that will help you in those fearful moments, anxiety filled, and sympathetic cycles of your self healing journey. These three tools help the brain re-wire in the moment of anxiety, dread, or doubt. These tools were created for behavior re-conditioning based on Pavlov’s behavior science research. Use these tools at your discretion and please consult with a doctor or paid health care professional prior to download.

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