HSE Cedar Box Sauna Sand Timer - 15 Minutes - Choose Your Sand Color (15 Minutes, Rust Red)


CEDAR WOOD: Crafted from quality red cedar wood to match your sauna, this elegant sand timer both looks and smells great. As you can expect from a natural wood material, wood grains will vary with each sand timer.
BOX DESIGN: Elegant box design holds the hourglass in place, adding an impressive visual to your sauna. Branded markings are minimalist with no unnecessary details to clutter the design.
ROTATING TIMER: Sand timer easily mounts to your wall with 2 included screws. No-show design hides the vertically-aligned mounting strip behind the sand timer.
15 MINUTES – A popular length of time to enjoy a sauna session. Also includes approximated minute markers for finer detail. 15-minute hourglass is accurate to within 60 seconds.
SAND COLOR – This sand timer uses a rust red glass bead sand. Also available in white.