Self Healing Visual Tools

All Self Healing Episode Material Downloads Will Be Available Starting November 2nd 2022. Episodes And Material Will Be Released Weekly.

The FNS Self Healing Podcast provides a FREE Audio Formatted version for those audio listeners that are wanting to learn the FNS Self Healing Program. I have provided visual tools, worksheets and techniques for those audio, visual and kinesthetic learners. You can download the material with each episode. That way you can decide how you best receive, process and retain the information from each self healing episode. Happy Self Healing!

FNS Self Healing Podcasts

Take The FNS Self Healing Trifect A Assessment To Determine Your Starting Point Or Area Of Self Healing Focus.

Use These Visual Tools And Worksheets To Help  You Start The Discovery Process Of Self Healing.

Please Listen To This Episode And Download This Visual Tool To Help You Create Toxin Managment Plan.

please Listen to this episode and download this visual tool to help you learn the (Re) framing emotions technique.