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EPS 3 - Toxin Managmeny


Visual Tool - Worksheet Download

Daily Toxin Elimination Management Plan

In this episode, you will learn about the 5 MODES OF TOXIC TRANSPORT and ways to lessen your Toxic load in the mind and body. We are inundated with external and internal toxins daily. Dis-ease, Dis-comfort and Dis-tress sets in when we become overloaded with toxins. There are simple tricks you can do to help yourself lessen the toxic burden. In the Membership VIP Self Healing Video, you will find 3 Biohacking Techniques (Breathe work, Somatic Breathe work, and Vagal Toning) I teach to clients to help them lessen the toxicity in their mind and body. The Worksheet Download will give you a Daily and Weekly Management Plan(s) to help you begin to address Toxin Overload in the mind and body.

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